Wellbeing Workshops

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Wellbeing Workshops: Interactive Trainings that Promote Sustainable Happiness.

We are experts in helping individuals and organizations who are experiencing high levels of stress. We combine cutting edge strategies from the field of positive psychology, the “science of well-being”. Although most people report being generally satisfied with their lives, they would also like to experience more enjoyment, engagement and meaning. They want to feel more satisfied and fulfilled but the means to do so often seem elusive. At work, many people experience fatigue, disengagement, and low motivation. Employers struggle with the resulting problems: chronic absenteeism, poor job performance, low morale, and high turnover.

That’s where we come in! We teach strategies that promote access to the wide ranging benefits of wellbeing for individuals, teams, organizations and communities. These benefits include:

For individuals:
• Reduced stress
• More energy and better health
• More rewarding relationships at home and work

For businesses and organizations:
• Increased productivity
• Employee retention and reduced absenteeism
• Improved employee morale
• Increased motivation and engagement in work
• More efficient teams
State of the art research into wellbeing reveals that happiness can actually be increased and that doing so has measurable impact on health, productivity and wellbeing. We integrate these exciting new findings with dynamic arts based interventions that help deepen and enrich the experience.

Our workshops promote:
• Active participation
• New insight and perceptions
• Creativity and problem-solving
• Deeper and longer lasting change

Who we work with:
Individuals wanting to feel less anxiety and stress, to feel happier, more engaged, more creative, and more fulfilled in their personal and professional lives. Organizations and employers who hope to foster greater job satisfaction, higher productivity, and reduced stress and burnout in their employees.

Mental health practitioners who want to re-energize their practice by incorporating state of the art research into creativity and wellbeing into their work.

Our mission to help people increase their personal and professional wellbeing through collaboration and creativity. In other words, we want you to feel better-creative, energetic and engaged, motivated, grateful and … happier

What We Do in Our Workshops:
• Identify and manage stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue
• Identify the components and benefits of wellbeing and their impact in our personal and professional lives
• Engage in activities that promote positivity and wellbeing
• Identify how to feel more engaged and energized
• Engage in activities that shift our perceptions from negative to positive
• Engage right and left brain learning which deepen the ability to integrate change
• Create tangible illustrations of the learning experienced
• Receive helpful hand-outs that serve as useful reminders of the material covered in the workshops

• Lecture/Discussion 1-2 hours
• Core contents presentation
• Half day or Full day workshop
• 2-3 days seminar