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Yoga Meet our Yogi Valentina Bharti and her great team

You do not need to be young, fit or energetic for this practice. It is suitable for everyone and there are modifications for each posture, so that everyone can experience the benefits of it. Special, during this retreat, Bharti will also teach some simple sequences which you can practice at home or in the office when you go back. Hatha Yoga with a strong focus on breath and adjustments. She encourages to observe one's own breathing throughout the class and creates a meditative feeling to the class so that each student connects to oneself and benefits from the practice fully.

By using the breath each posture encourages the other and the practice becomes a meditative flow in which the students are able to work both on a mental and physical level, therefore balancing the inside with the outside.

The important thing in this way of practicing is to link the breath with each asana, as without the breathing the asanas are just a mere physical exercise. Only through the breathing are we able to enter the realm of the spirit. 

This practice brings clarity of mind, a deep feeling of calmness and at the same time lots of energy. It is also very good for removing energy blockages and clearing the nadis, so that our dormant kundalini energy awakens. By following specific asana sequences we massage our internal organs, so that we cal expel our toxins and give our body and soul a great detox.

On a physical level, it builds a strong, flexible and toned body, it helps remove addictions, allergies and it helps with weight loss/gain.

Let Yoga be your life companion and see the infinite benefits it can bring to you!

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